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Thank you very much!

A big THANK YOU to all those who have contributed to the creation of this site:
Roman Bannack - Hans-Josef Born - Heiner Bösch Thomas Brodehl - Eveline Brühwiler - Wolfgang Burtscher - Josef C. Doerr - Max und Gianna Emmenegger - Prof. Michael Ernst - Frans-Joris Fabri - Birgit Genten - Iwan Gregis - Rudolf Heumann - Uwe Holtmann - Konrad Holzbauer - Patrick Huser - Manfred Kraut - Eva-Marie Laumann - Prof. Franz Mali - Daniel Noti - Siegfried Ostermann - Roger Pearse (see his Tertullian Project for English texts) - Dominik Prinz - Veit Ruland - Ursula Schultheiß - Yolanda Sieber Emmenegger - Ottmar Strüber - Jean-Luc Thirot (du Centre NTE Université de Fribourg) - Jürgen Voos - Diether Wegener - and other unnamed or unknown helpers.

The University Council of the University of Fribourg/Switzerland decided at its meeting in November 2007 to provide one-time financial support to the Library of the Fathers of the Church.

Jens Falk provided us with speech recognition software. Many thanks to him for that!