It requires work to convert so much text into an electronic form. Therefore, the selection of works which will be edited will be made first according to the needs of our lectures. However, if you have a particular favorite work that should be included, your cooperation is always welcome!

Two ways to collaborate

1. revising a raw text

The old volumes of the BKV are scanned and converted into raw text. This raw text must now be revised. Besides the typical OCR errors (e.g. O for 0 etc.), there is a lot to correct due to the partially poor printing in Fraktur font. In addition, the footnotes need to be copied away from the end of the page to where the reference is. If access to a library is available, it is advantageous to borrow the volume in question. There are sometimes places where unfortunately only letter salad is left. If there is no possibility to borrow the book, I will gladly provide the scans of the volume. Among the works that have not yet been edited, a work can be selected.

2. proofreading one of the already entered texts

Another option is to proofread one of the already entered works. Especially the older of the entered texts are still full of errors and the footnotes or the introductions are partly missing. When you have decided on a work, I will send you the corresponding text in a special form, wherein the corrections are to be made. Also for this operation it is important to have the book for comparison. If it is not possible for you to borrow the volume of the BKV from which the text is taken, I will gladly send you the pictures of the pages.

Basic instructions on how to make a revision can be found in the PDF document Hinweise.pdf (1MB).